Cultivating Biodiversity to Transform Agriculture [Hardcover]

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  • ISBN-10:  9400779836
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  • ISBN-13:  9789400779839
  • Publisher:  Springer
  • Publisher:  Springer
  • Pages:  261
  • Pages:  261
  • Binding:  Hardcover
  • Binding:  Hardcover
  • Pub Date:  01-Mar-2013
  • Pub Date:  01-Mar-2013
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How can cultivated plant biodiversity contribute to the transformation and the ecologization of agriculture in Southern countries? Based on extensive field work in the Southern countries, a great deal of scientific progress is presented in all areas affecting agriculture (agronomy, plant breeding and crop protection, cultivation systems, etc.) in order to intensify the ecological processes in cultivated plots and at the scale of rural landscapes.Foreword
?tienne Hainzelin
1. Biodiversity has always been at the heart of agricultural activity
2. The challenges of agricultural transformation
3. Intensifying ecological processes to transform agricultural performance
4. Agrobiodiversity, the main lever of this ecological intensification
5. Ecological intensification, a strategic priority for CIRAD
6. A book with six viewpoints
7. Bibliographical references
Chapter 1
The diversity of living organisms: the engine for ecological functioning
?tienne Hainzelin and Christine Nouaille
1. Diversity and unity of living organisms: the successive revolutions of the biological sciences
2. A history closely linked to mans
3. Documented risks of erosion of agrobiodiversity
4. Why cultivate biodiversity?
5. What is the best way of understanding the extraordinary complexity of living organisms and agroecosystems?
6. Agrobiodiversity: a development issue?
7. Conclusion
8. Bibliographical references
Chapter 2
From artificialization to the ecologization of cropping systems
Florent Maraux, ?ric Mal?zieux and Christian Gary
1. The impasses in the artificialization of cropping systems
2. Opportunities and limitations of crol³'

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